The ORIGINAL Scotty Peeler Label Removers (2 versions)

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The ORIGINAL Scotty Peeler Label and Sticker Remover. Great for safely removing labels and excess adhesive.

A great item to remove auction labels or other paper or synthetic material.

Available in 2 version:

* ORIGINAL: Our original all plastic Scotty Peeler is terrific at removing labels off of paper or other soft surfaces. Its non-stick surface peels labels away easily without damaging. Scotty Peeler label remover tools come in red.

* METAL: With its three-sided sharp metal blade made of surgical grade stainless steel which is sharpened to a razors edge, and its easy-to-grip handle, the SP-2 is the ideal tool for removing sticky labels off of hard surfaces. A long lasting tool with a multitude of uses, the SP-2 is excellent to use on both metal and glass. (come with lubricating sheath)